Sunday, October 13, 2013

Megabudget v0.1

I finished the very first, somewhat-useful version of the Megabudget Android App. To recap, Megabudget is an Android app that allows you to use your existing Google Docs spreadsheet as a budget, but add expenses on the go from your phone. It does the following:

  • Authenticates into your Google docs spreadsheet with your Android user account(s)
  • Reads months & categories from your budget spreadsheet
  • After you select a category & month, you can add a new expense, updating your spreadsheet
The project itself is meant to be extensible, so that if it seems useful to you, you can contribute an implementation of the BudgetAdapter in order to have it work with your own budget format. 

Here's the project again:

And the last SVN commit log:
This is the first version of Megabudget that does something useful. It:
- populates the categories & months
- populates the total of the latest month
- you can select a category
- you can add an expense to that category

It has several notable problems
- no idea how it works when disconnected from the internet
- it is very slow, esp. at the beginning where it does multiple pulls from the
- you can't select a month

Additionally it would be really nice to
- organize the categories by freq of use
- allow for offline expenses