Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Just as work begins to really heat up for the end of the semester, I get a cold! Blah! Thanks, to my parents, it is almost impossible for me to skip anything just because I am sick. I always kinda feel like I just using it as an excuse to avoid something at don't want to do. At the same time, I run the risk of getting other people sick, which is very lame!! So I guess my advice would be to stay away from me for a few days!

As we know, there are more important things that work! This brings me to two other reasons why I wish I weren't sick. This Friday is the Random Distance Race, I am going to a Pirates Game, and I am going to the GSA Wine-Tasting event on Saturday.... Blah! I guess I better just sac up, finish my work and have an awesome time. Sounds good? Jah!!


  1. Hey you're still unwell :( Take care!

    Pirates game - sweet! Didn't that cost a fortune? Well I should've learnt the baseball rules from you. We were supposed to play softball last Sat but because of rain, played volleyball instead.

  2. Nah,
    Baseball games are usually pretty cheap, at least the bad seats are, because there are so many games in a season. We used to go see Dodger games (in LA) for like $6. It was awesome!