Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day Two o' Work

Today was my second day of work, same as the first. (Meaning pretty good)
I'm thinking it's going to be a good summer. I like the people I work with. They've got me working on what seems to be a very interesting project. Moreover, it seems like everyone there is pretty cool. Some of us went out to a Jazz club tonight after work, and there are some fun sounding plans coming up in the future.

New York was great, and I feel like I should mention a few of the things I did, but since it's already getting late in the PM, I'm going to do it bullet-point style:

  • Stayed in an AWESOME hotel room thanks to my friend's friend who works there. It was right in midtown manhattan and awesome.

  • Empire State Building, where we went to the 86th floor. (That's not the tippy top, but super high). It was like an hour and a half wait and I hate heights, but it was still awesome.

  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Hung out with Friends from high school and from college, which made it fun.

  • Remembered how much I loved traveling. Want to make it my full time business, but at least have an excuse to attempt to make money or something.

Wow, what a strange style of writing. Bah!


  1. Oh wow! You are sure lucky as hell. Jazz sounds fun!

    BTW I could never find a reasonable place in NY and ended up not going till now. I love heights so would really want to go up the the Empire State. Nice style of writing!

  2. Yeah totally... The rate that we got at this hotel was pretty awesome. I know what the regular rate was, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. Also, think about friends. I think I would have probably talked my friends into letting me stay with them in any other case.

  3. Good idea. I'll stay with friends in NY and they can stay with me in SF! Cool!

  4. Where's Nels?


  5. Ah, I know I suck.
    I'm finding it hard to do anything at all... posting here is included...

    FAWK, I suck.