Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Opening the Mic

Last night, after merely observing for the past couple of weeks, I played two songs at the Rex Theater's Open Mic Night in the South Side. They were:
  • "La Cienega Just Smiled," by Ryan Adams
  • "Yours and Mine," by Fountains of Wayne
The first song went okay, and got better towards the end, but since this was the first time I had done anything in front of an audience in a while, my voice was a little shaky. I always liked "Yours and Mine," but it's only one minute long. This is one of the things I actually like about the song, but a few people thought that I had bailed out early just because it was so short!

Anyway, I probably will do it again in the future, but not for a few weeks. I need to learn some more songs you see.

CMU Shows its True Colors
Today I was looking for a book on weight lifting at the CMU library. No dice. The selection is extremely poor in this area. In fact, for the entire subject of "exercize"  "exercise" in the CAMEO catalogue system, there are 7 entries. On the other hand, in the "ML COMPUTER PROGRAM LANGUAGE" category there are 137 entries! Somehow this seems appropriate.


  1. Well, if you spell it correctly as "exercise" you get 312 entries.

    Then again, 15-312 is the awesome undergrad PL course, so maybe the system is still trying to tell you something....

  2. Also, searching for "weight training" yields one book apparently on the sociology of exercise, and a zillion books on training the weight matrices of neural nets.

  3. PPPPPS, what instrument do you play?

  4. Ah ha, okay so that is pretty bad on my part. BUT, I went back to verify that I spelled it correctly. I found that when I typed it in as 'exercise' I did get the 7 results I quote above, so I must be using a poor set of search settings (I do "exact" and "subject").

  5. Guitar and the Vocals! And I'm really getting back into the guitar... I had kind of been on extended break for about the past 2 years.

  6. Also, those 312 results include in the first page such helpful entries as:
    -Scientific uncertainty and the politics of whaling / Michael Heazle
    -Beginning SQL server 2005 programming / Robert Viera

    And also I just now got the 15-312 joke...