Saturday, January 6, 2007

Oh Where Have I Been?

For those of you intimately familiar with Pittsburgh, you may have been wondering about my extended absence.

For those of you intimately familiar with this Blog, you may have been wondering about my extended absence.

Well I have an answer for both these inquiries. I have been in New Orleans for oh oh oh, oh the longest time. Last year around this time, I only came back to New Orleans for about five days. I didn't even stay for New Year's eve. This year, I kind of went the opposite route, opting to stay in New Orleans for about three weeks, almost the maximum possible time. I'm thinking that next year I'm going to find some reasonable time in between. You see the thing is, staying in New Orleans is always fun, but the extended breaks just don't work. My friends here go back to wherever there from. I get bored from not having anything to do (not having a car during the day doesn't help). I always kinda feel like a guest even though it's my own house. And of course, I miss my Pittsburgh friends!

The lack of blog posts can also be explained. For some reason that I just can't figure out, I never really have the motivation to post updates when I'm in New Orleans. It just doesn't happen... It's not like I don't have good things to talk about; I do, I swear! But for some reason, I just never really feel like it. I guess I don't live on my computer here like I do when I'm back in the Burgh. All this leaves me thinking, but not about anything in particular...

New Orleans has been great, but it's time to get back to the Burgh!

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