Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Nice Indian Saturday

Today was a good day. Nothing special, no trips or anything, but still a good time in the city. I tried to get some work done during the day.   was there when I got there, and so we were working together. We have a deadline (which we've set for ourselves) to be done with some implementation by July 1st, and we really would like to hold it. On a somewhat related note, our mentor had a baby boy on Friday! Congratulations Aditya!

But after that, we went to downtown Bangalore with a few friends for some bowling and good times. We started out at Amoeba which is like a fancy bowling alley for upper and middle class Bangalorians, so it was a little expensive by Indian standards, but still not so bad. It was crowded though! I don't remember the last time I had to wait to bowl (except maybe at Arsenal in Pittsburgh, but since that's hipster bowling that somehow always made sense to me). After that, we headed over to my new favorite place in Bangalore; Blossom books. They have the most amazing selection of English books. They have new one and used ones, but it doesn't matter; they are all as cheap as dirt ($2-$3 for most) and it really makes me happy. I went like two weeks ago and picked up three books (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Hotel New Hampshire, and Feakanomics) and now I'm just about done with the last of them. Tonight I picked up A Night at the Call Center, which takes place in Bangalore, and Bonfire of the Vanities, which I have always wanted to read.

After that we had some fantastic Punjabi food. Fantastic! Now a little chillaxing before what will hopefully be an equally dope Sunday.


  1. I know we've talked about this, but I still can't believe that you already lived your Saturday. I just got up.

  2. Or how about this; you're just getting ready to go out on Saturday night while I'm at the office trying to get a little extra work done on Sunday.