Saturday, September 8, 2007

Urban Hike, Washington PA!

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I was waiting to post this entry until I got my pictures from the hike onto my computer. I lost my USB cable, but replaced it with something better; a compact flash adapter card (PCMCIA styles) for my laptop.

Anyway, last Sunday was my first Urban Hike since I've been back in Pittsburgh. Washington, PA is in Washington county, the center of the whiskey rebellion for you history buffs. It was a fantastic hike, and the weather was amazing. It was such a quaint little town, and it made the 30 minute drive from Pittsburgh totally worth it. We finished the whole thing off with a Washington Wild Things baseball game. This is an independent minor league baseball team (outside of the whole A through AAA system), but they had a great park and nice fans.

Anyway, I started a Flickr photo pool, so if you guys went along and took pictures, you ought to go ahead and add yours to the mix!

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