Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writing in a One Horse, Open Sleigh

I am currently writing a paper for the ECOOP deadline next week! (It is the academic conference for all things object, or so the web site tells me.)

Actually, you should be scolding me for taking even a small break to post! Nevertheless, I actually think the writing is going rather well. I can't say that I actually enjoy it, but at least I understand the story I want to tell and it's work that I am somewhat proud of, so I want to do a good job. Yay! The only lame part is that I will be spending almost all my remaining time in Pittsburgh working on this paper. The deadline is next Wednesday (actually, Thursday at 6am), and I leave next Friday.

Okay, well back to work for me! Let me know if anything important happens in politics or global finance that I should be aware of but am not because of my not watching TV.

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