Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Haulin' Ass, Gettin' PaidIf you're around Pittsburgh this weekend you should definitely go check out the Mike Judge movie, Idiocracy showing at CMU. It's got more than its share of dumb moments, but I think that on the whole it's a pretty funny movie. Some of the jokes are even somewhat subtle, like that in the year 2500 everyone wears Crocks.

Also, saw Atonement last night, I agree with Patrick that it's a great movie. The two actresses that play Briney, both as a little girl and then as a girl in her late teens, are wonderful, and my favorite part of the movie. Unlike Patrick, however, I did not like There Will Be Blood, even though I fully expected too... I felt that it only really had two real characters (the son was left undeveloped) and neither of them was at all worthy of my sympathy. Does that necessarily make for a bad movie? No, and I would certainly not call this a bad movie, however at the end of it all I just wasn't interested...


  1. Hmm...everyone liked Atonement except me and Mahesh.

    We saw it Sunday and agreed that it was terribly boring. I agree, though, that the Brioney actresses were very good. Somehow, though, I still ended up feeling very disconnected from the characters.

    Also, I was outraged about the horses being shot on the beach.

  2. Yeah, I can certainly understand criticisms that it was too slow. Sometimes a movie appeals to me on a purely subjective level, though, and I can't fully explain why I like it. Going to see Idiocracy then? ;-) It's only $3 for non-CMU peeps.

  3. You'd think with all my CMU boyfriends someone could get me in for free! :)

    (but no, probably not going to see it)

  4. aw, man, I missed it.

    So hi, Nels (hope I'm spelling that right?), thought I'd track you down on the old LJ.

    - Dani