Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yeah Bro!

So we did in fact end up playing the SIGBOVIK pre-party last night. I have to say I enjoyed myself. One of the great things (in my own, unbiased, opinion) about Sick Ridiculous is that our songs are all pretty short, so you don't have to invest too much to watch us play. If we happen to suck, well then it's not really going to be all that long until you get to go back to the party.

I was a little bummed when we forgot the melody of the chorus of our brand new song, Theme From SIGBOVIK, but later on we remembered it and had a special encore for those who were still loitering in the basement. Which reminds me; we plan to record and release an MP3 of Theme From SIGBOVIK some time this week so that you can begin to get pumped up.

In other news, I'm currently reading a pretty interesting book about the history of beer in America entitled, Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer. Definitely a read for all you self-identifying beer snobs out there. One of the most interesting parts of the book thus far has been reading about German immigrants to the US. It's particularly amazing how WWI and the German-American's association with beer was used by the temperance movement to further their goals. Here's a quote:
A Methodist* Bishop denounced beer as, "the most brutalizing" drink available. " The unthinkable barbarism of the German armies in this present war," he wrote, "is, in all reasonableness, to be accounted for largely by their centuries of beer drinking, which has deadened their moral sense and coarsened their moral fiber."

Wild, huh?

(*Also interesting to me because, given our tendency to use grape juice to this day at communion, I had long suspected the Methodists played some role in the temperance movement.)


  1. 737 is still totally stuck in my head. You dudes have any lyrics/tab sheets?

  2. Yeah, that's definitely my favorite song, although now the SIGBOVIK song is pushing in. I put the lyrics for 737 on the myspace page (

    Later on we'll have scans of our notebook which includes tabs and cool graffix, but for the time-being, not really! Thanks!