Sunday, June 15, 2008


I went tubing on the Guadalupe river this weekend with my friend Greg! This is like a classic Texas activity. I went once with my family when I was like ten or something, but this was a totally new experience. (If you don't know, this kind of tubing involves sitting in a rubber tube and floating down a river for one to three hours.)

We had to drive like an hour to New Braunfels where all this madness goes on. Then we went to this tube rental place where there were hundreds of people. We rented a tube for me, Greg and for a cooler which we also rented. We brought along some ice and a few adult beverages. Now, it might seem like tubing is a horrible idea because a.) about 100 degrees and really sunny, b.) the water is absolutely freezing and c.) there are thousands of people on the river, but it turns out that all of that is inconsequential! All the people really aren't so bad since you're just floating down, and, well I got sunburned a little but I think I put on enough sunscreen to avoid any major cancerous lesions. And the cold water? You mostly get used to it, although every now and then there's a little wave that gets your dry parts wet and is not really all that fun.

Verdict: Highly Recommended!


  1. Whoa. Great question. I haven't been yet, but I did go when I was like ten. Hopefully my trip to Schlitterbahn's is immanent.