Saturday, November 22, 2008

TRANSACT Submission Submitted

Why, oh why does the 'backspace' key go 'back' to the previous page in all browsers? This is a bug, not something helpful. I just lost the entire entry that I was composing. This is worse than the 'insert' key.

Last night we finally submitted the paper that I have been spending all my time on for the past 3 weeks. We submitted to TRANSACT 2009, a workshop on transactional memory. Our paper was on an optimization of STM using the static aliasing annotations that we have been working on in our group.

Honestly, the process was pretty painful. We had to do benchmarks, which is not something I am used to, and we had a couple fall through at the very last moment, because we could not explain why we were seeing the results we were seeing. I now have a lot more repsect for people who work in systems.

Anyway, tonight I am rewarding myself by going to the Girl Talk concert. I've never seen him live, but his last two albums are in super heavy rotation at home and at work. (Seriously, check the stats.) Also, Grand Buffet is opening, and they are sweet.


  1. Once, i was trying to get some answers from my cable company via this online "chat" thing on their website, and every time the cable representative would type something, the browser's focus would go out of the text box; thus hitting the delete key would send firefox back into the sign in page. I talked to six representatives that night, and never got my stupid question answered.


  2. Dude, you're right. It's total garbage. In fact, because of your comment, I filled out the little "send us feedback" box on the Google Chrome web site. It turns out that in Google Chrome at least you cannot change the keyboard bindings which is amazing. Of course I hear that Google customer service is basically non-existent so we may never hear back.