Wednesday, December 17, 2008

News x2

 I've got two items of good news that I've kind of been sitting on for a bit, mostly because I didn't want to jinx them. But today they both fell into place!

Today I Scheduled My Proposal!
Today I scheduled my thesis proposal. It will be early next semester, January 27th at 9am. It will be at 9am. I am so sorry for the early time, but my external member is in India which is 10:30 hours ahead during the winter. It should be a rad time. Full details are forthcoming, since I don't have a location yet, but other than that, all of my committee members have committed to a time, and I have written my proposal document. Sweet!

Today I Signed a Lease!
I am moving to Bloomfield! My apartment is basically here. I am very excited to be moving to Bloomfield, where I can still get to school via bus or bike, but where I have a little more variety in terms of restaurants and bars. I looked around for a while and didn't find much, but the last apartment I looked at was very nice. It's also very reasonably priced and has parking. Hard to lose. Stay tuned for the obligatory "new apartment" pictures and the housewarming party. I can pretty much move in today, although I'm waiting until I get back from New Orleans.


  1. bloomfield and lawrenceville are probably my very favorite pittsburgh neighborhoods. make sure to eat at coca cafe as often as possible. ;)

  2. Awesome! Will do. There is a *slight* chance that I've been here once before for brunch. I don't recognize the name, but these pictures look similar to the place I went to. And it was definitely on Butler street. Do they have some kind of crazy/good pancakes?

  3. they have an assortment of crazy/good things, and the sunday brunch specials menu, which has the craziest/best things of all, changes every week (and is usually seasonal). i know i've seen pumpkin pancakes on it before; maybe you had something like that?

  4. echo to all of chris's bloomfield lovin'! and congrats on the proposal! the scariest part for me was when i started seeing the signs posted on the walls of Wean...

  5. Aren't you a little young to be proposaling? or am I just getting old?

  6. Yeah... I thought I was young too. Turns out I've been here three and a half years and my advisor thinks I should propose.