Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yes. I am in India.

I made it to Bangalore! The trip was extremely painful, mostly because it was long, but it did have a few highlights:
  1. In Charles de Gaulle airport there is a "resting" room that has lounge-style chairs that you can actually lie on and go to sleep, and it's free! What?! I took a lil' nap there in between my two nine hour flights.
  2. I saw five movies. Best one? Probably Crazy Heart. Worst one? Definitely Bride Wars.

At Microsoft things are about like I remember. TONS of paper work to go through on the first couple of days, but I actually managed to make some progress on my project. There are a few things about India that I forgot to remember:

  1. The mangoes are ridiccio! There's a snack area here at MSRI that has free stuff for us. They have mangoes, not the green kind but the yellow kind, and they are soooo good.
  2. The streets are unbelievably hectic. I'll spend the first week jumping at the sound of horns and fearful that I will be hit while walking on the edge of the street (because the sidewalks are not really navigable).
  3. People call you "boss." Really love that.

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