Tuesday, April 2, 2024

5 Songs from 2023

Well Q1 was a doozy, so I have finally gotten around to compiling my 5 favorite songs from 2023! Here are my 5 favorites, only 3 months late:

  • "Honey," by Samia - You should listen to the whole album, but this was the gateway song!
  • "Sinner," by The Last Dinner Party - From what I understand the dinner party was pretty wild.
  • "Modern Girl," by Bleachers - I have already completed burned myself out on this song, but it was my top 1 for several weeks. Real Bruce Springsteen vibes.
  • "103," by The Kills - Yes, very awesome.
  • "My Kink Is Karma," by Chappell Roan - Dang her album is great and I am sad that her show in Boulder is sold out. Don't be like me folks.

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