Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Getting Awesome

Oh man!

Well Monday night my sis-McSister came to town. She was doing a little bit of the lawyerly type work, and was sent to Pittsburgh as part of that whole thing. Some welding-related lawsuits, which sounds like a lot of fun. Anyway, a bunch of the troops were nice enough to gather together and go out to the Harris Grill. This was like actual proof to my family that I actually have friends, or at least that I have five friends, because I always think they secretly think I don't, and just are too nice to say anything about it.

Last night was also fun because I was invited over to a dinner party. I was just meeting the guy whose apartment it was for the first time, but I was invited by some other friends, Emily mainly. He does work that's pretty similar to mine, and he went to CMU. But in addition to boring work stuff, he's got me beat by being a fashion/portrait photographer (a la here) and has a super modern, sparse, and all-around nice looking apartment. (The kind someone who was really in to art or design might have.) Anyway, he was a nice guy and we all had a nice time, methinks. It reminded me more than anything, though, that I MUST see the 40-year-old Virgin again...

Let us not forget, also, a little lunch-time meeting with Z. Turns out Z works right down the street and we had Golden Triangle sandwiches (sounds dirty doesn't it?) and talked about what it means to be young and awesome in Pittsburgh at this very moment in history. It was fun.

Tonight I went rock climbing (indoors only) with Jen. I invited some other people, including Kate, but they were all busy. (Kate was at the Pretenders... sounds like fun!)

And finally... nothing I guess I really want to get to bed on time, even early tonight. I am just realizing how precious little time I have left before my internship is over, and while have definitely done a lot of work, I am really just starting to get worried that I won't have finished enough...AH...

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