Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Well I didn't exactly finish the description of my weekend in a timely manner, and by this point, I've almost forgot about the whole thing, but there were some genuinely awesome times. E.g.)

  • Went to Freeride, and picked out a bike. At freeride they have all kinds of old bikes, frames and parts. They quote you a price on a bike, which includes all the pieces you need to get it up and running, and then you get to use all their tools and stuff to fix the bike. They actually have some pretty nice bikes, and come this Thursday, I may be riding an old Raleigh with maximum sweetness and a leather seat. Jake and I spent like 4 hours there on Saturday.

  • Saturday night was a party at Serge's, and I did enjoy myself even though I was the DD. A pretty neat mix of peeps.

  • Sunday I went to a Pirates game. We had good seats, and the Pirates completed the sweep, so we were all feeling pretty hot.

  • Top it all off with a Monday night football party which included all the fried food I could even imagine (fries, fried pirogies, corn dogs... all home made!). Would have been better with a Steeler's win, but I'm still feeling pretty high from the USC and Saints victories.

Doing my best to get work done this week while my advisor is out of town. I am also preparing for a SSSG talk on Monday, which nicely goes along with my practicum work (a report we have to write on our summer experiences).

Oh oh! But I got really excited when I found out a friend of mine from high school is now a starting wide receiver at Southern Mississippi. His name is Damion, and he seems to be doing pretty well. Here is his profile, and here is another one. I used to give this guy a ride home from basketball practice like every day. Although he has gotten a lot bigger and taller...


  1. Hey this is such a great post! You sure having fun! You better get back in touch with your soon-to-be celebrity friend! Always helps getting free tickets :D

  2. I know! I was never really good friends with Eli Manning (who also went to my high school) but maybe now I should be getting back in touch with Damion, just in case he goes to the NFL... ;-)

    Realistically though, he probably has enough people doing that already.

  3. So what! You gave him a ride! He won't forget that :)

    BTW thanks for teaching me about football this side of the world :D