Sunday, September 24, 2006

Notes from the overground

  1. The movie, "She's the One" starring Cameron Diaz and Edward Burns is horrible. I hate to dwell on this, but it's true. The acting is attrocious and you really don't care about the characters. This is important in a movie where everyone is so emotionally detached. If the actors don't make you care about them, then we can always just say, well "screw them, they made horrible decisions." It also contains an aggregious instance of one of my personal movie pet peeves: actors who are much older than the characters they play. Edward Burns' brother is supposed to be 25, but he's played by an actor (a horrible one at that) who can't be a day under forty. Boos all around.

  2. The Arizona Cardinals is the oldest professional football team in the U.S. They go all the way back to 1898, way before the modern NFL. (This is VERY old for a pro football team, as the game had just barely been figured out at that point in time.) Additionally, while many Steelers fans know that in 1943 the Steelers and Eagles joined together to form one team (lovingly referred to as the Steagles), it is also true that the next year, the Chicago Cardinals and the Steelers formed a new team together. They sucked, and were known as the "Carpets" (as in Card-Pitt).

  3. Both Carnegie Mellon and Tulane, mediocre football teams in the modern era, have had decent football teams in the past. Tulane won the first Sugar Bowl (1935) and has appeared in another. Carnegie Tech has also been in a Sugar Bowl. Actually,  saying that they were good teasm may be a stretch, as I cannot find too much other info confirming this, but I did find at least one pro football player, Hap Moran, who came up through C.I.T...

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