Monday, February 26, 2007


Once again I'm sort of involved in some drama right now. This past weekend in particular was crazy. It's weird, but I hate this kind of boy-girl-relationship type of drama to the point where it makes me physically ill, but it seems like I've been getting involved in it in various forms much more often recently. And I think it's all my fault too. Maybe it's just part of the process of being an adult or whatever, that drama is somehow an inherent part of it, but I kind of doubt it. I just want to go back to being a good, unexciting person living a drama-free life. Possible?

In other news, I just watched Blanche (one of my hermit crabs) suck water out of their sponge. It was really awesome and about the most I've ever seen these kids do.

In other other news, it seems like downloading Firefox 2.0 fixed that problem I had where every time I tried to post a message to livejournal firefox would crash. (This had only been recently, since they added the new JavaScript text editor thing.) Now it's way more convenient to actually write Blog entries, since I can do it from home where I'm not absolutely obligated to be working at all times.


  1. Sorry to hear about the distressing relationship drama. Sometimes that stuff makes me want to puke, too. Best of luck resolving things.

    I've been getting a similar sorts of crashes, but I haven't upgraded Firefox yet. Good to know that it works.

  2. ;-)
    Thanks. Aww, my first video comment! I will treasure this moment.

  3. God I'm so happy to have a boring life with no drama. Good luck simplifying. Or, alternatively, increacing awesomeness, which is the other thing that can result from drama...