Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Airport Party

This seems like kind of old news to be me now, but I did want to mention that after my flight back to Los Angeles, after two consecutive ten hour flights, we found out that the immigration computers at LAX had gone down, and we were forced to sit on our plan for five extra hours before we could get off. Since I was able to sleep it wasn't so bad, but it was really hot and sweaty which I did not enjoy.

Anyway, yesterday we went to Disneyland, and I have a bunch of pictures to post. Today I am just lazing around LA while Rand goes to work...


  1. Oh my God, that sounds horrible.

    Poor Nelsy.

  2. Haha, it wasn't so great. The primary negative side-effect was that the rental car place closed and so now I don't have any way to get around the city...

  3. I shall hire you a Hummer Limo. People will think you're Kanye West.