Friday, October 5, 2007

Posting to your blog is for suckers, that's why I haven't

Whoa! Turns out I spent the latter half of this week applying for a fellowship that is due right about now. (Don't worry, I submitted already!) I didn't actually find out about it until Tuesday and didn't know I was going to be applying until Wednesday morning, and while it was kind of tricky getting things together, I think in the end it was a positive experience. For example, they basically want to see a thesis proposal, or something in the same vein. I had nothing of the sort, and therefore had to start the soul-searching process of figuring out what exactly it is I am going to be doing for the next few years. Good, because for the first time I had to write down some ideas I had been having. Hard, because this is a brand-new project, and I still don't understand everything!

The only bad part is that me and all my CMU friends are competing to get one of the three (?) departmental nominations. It's too bad because, you know, in general I like my friends at CMU...

Anyway, I shall be getting back to my regular research with renewed vigor.

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