Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beatles and Battles

The absence of any posts this week has little to do with a lack of interesting goings-on. Instead, it's due to a particularly nasty sickness that I contracted. I'm going to go ahead and call it, "The Flu." It had me pretty much useless from Wednesday until Saturday morning, and even now I am still experiencing reverberating aftershocks.

What would I have said?

Well, I meant to mention my heartfelt congratulations to Eli Manning, who was busy winning the Super Bowl(tm) this time last week. Those of you who saw the game know how amazing it was, there is little need to say more, except that now I will have to push myself that much harder if I wish to be Most Famous-est Graduate of Isidore Newman School.

In movie news, I went to see Across the Universe, with my lovely lady friend. This movie is great, and was exactly what I was hoping for, although if you don't like musicals, and in particular hate them for their over-the-top-ness (Tom, I'm looking in your direction), you might positively hate this movie. Across the Universe could be described as Moulin Rouge, except with only Beatles songs. There's a great cameo by Bono, that got I Am the Walrus stuck in my head all the next day. The choreography was sweet, something I don't normally care about, and for only the second time I can remember, the chattiness of our audience actually hightened my enjoyment of a film. There was clapping, and chanting, and it was all good.

Today was band practice. Guys, you are going to have to start looking out for Sick Ridiculous. We just might have an impact.


  1. There were some mumblings about continuing the tradition of having SCS musicians perform at the spring picnic, if we decide to have one this year.

  2. Sweeeeeet. Then we will definitely audition or whatever it is that musicians do.