Thursday, February 28, 2008

SIGBOVIK and First PC Meeting

SIGBOVIK is fast approaching! In fact, it's April 6th. We know the way these things work, though. You're thinking, "Blogface, I have a paper idea, but just not any time to work on it. Besides, who wants to write a funny paper all alone in their condemned apartment?" Great point.

That's why this Saturday you should join us for the first PC meeting. We use the PC meeting as an opportunity to write papers, and then immediately accept them for publication. There's lots of people there. Last year it was fun, and this year it should be too. Here are the details, I command you to come:

SIGBOVIK: First Paper Writing Party
Saturday, March 1st
10am - 6pm (Come for any amount of time you desire. Usually we order some food at some point.)
NSH 3001


  1. I'll be there, though probably not at 10am.

  2. Yeah, I think last year there were three of us for like the first hour! We are not an early-getting-up bunch.

  3. And last year it started at noon :-P I just reserved the room at 10am to be safe. (As if anyone else would reserve a conference room at 10am on a Saturday...)