Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fortress of Multitude

Whoa, guys! Check out this video:

It's about the Fortress programming language, the language I will be working on this summer in Austin, TX. Even cooler? That guy on the right, Eric Allen, is going to be my boss!

Update! Livejournal Sucks!
Try clicking on this link if you can't see anything above, as I cannot...


  1. Guy Steele? Are you kidding me?


  2. Sweet name, right? That's pretty much exactly what I thought when I first heard it. Turns out, though, that Guy Steele is super famous, both for his work on LISP and Java.

  3. Sweet, that looks like a really awesome project. Keep me updated on how it goes - I'm building a mobile cluster, and it might be really nice to try to run some fortress code on it. Even without the sweet parallelism, the idea of using unicode characters really excites me. pow(x,4) is very last century.

    On a side note, a student of mine is an ME and was asking me what language he should write his combustion simulator in to be run on their new cluster. Since you're the only language expert I know, do you have any suggestions? Their current implementation is in Fortran 77, but they're looking to use something a little more modern.