Monday, April 14, 2008

Home Slice!

On Friday night, I saw John Vanderslice at the Andy Warhol museum, an incredible experience. I heard about him through Tom, basically the only person I know who listens to him, and therefore Tom gets bonus points for introducing me. The concert was great. The band was incredibly tight. The sound was great, and John had plenty of neat old analog equipment, for which he is pretty well know. (This is partially the reason for my renewed interest in the electric guitar.) He was really funny, and seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself. The selection of songs was good too, mostly songs I knew from Emerald City and The Life & Death of an American Four-Tracker, the only two albums I have, but also some ones I had never heard.

The highlight was the end, when he and his band-members went out into the gallery area for some acoustic songs. It sounded even cooler with the natural reverb of the room.

Go to his web site. You can listen to his entire new album, and I'd be surprised if you were disappointed.

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