Thursday, May 15, 2008

Austria Recap

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I thought I'd give a little recap on my trip to Austria, complete with pictures. Overall the trip was great. I just got back last night, and everything went pretty well except for this cold I got a earlier this week.

Vienna is know for a couple neat things, like the Hapsburgs, Coffee, Cakes, and music. We spent a lot of time checking out palaces and museums in the city. Vienna is also known for an old-style Ferris Wheel, known as the Riesenrad which Kevin called, "the most romantic location in Europe," or something like that.

We also went to Salzburg for a day on Saturday. Salzburg is a little bit more touristy than Vienna, but smaller so the effect is more pronounced. Salzburg literally means "Salt Town," because there was a big salt mine there. Pretty rad huh? It was also the birthplace of Mozart.

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