Sunday, May 25, 2008


Well I never really talked much about my trip to Massachusetts, and I don't think I will now, except to say that I am back. I went to Burlington (like 30 minutes away from Boston) for three days of introductory project meetings. There were lots of talks about Fortress, the language, and I even reported my first bug. Awesome.

Also fun was today's trip to Six Flags. It's down in San Antonio, so I drove with two other interns for like an hour and a half to get there. It was absolutely ridiculously hot, but I've passed that stage in my life where I am too cool for sunscreen, so I think I basically made it out okay.

I'm still pretty funny at theme parks, even at 25. I am constantly walking excitedly in front of the rest of the group, leading us to the next ride. I feel the need to "get my money's worth," by riding as many rides as possible without much down time, but I am starting to realize how unnecessary that attitude is. Today without trying too hard, we rode 10 rides, and we were there from 11 to 7. That sounds okay right? I think I was basically just happy to be outside...


  1. My experiences with Six Flags Magic Mountains leads me to suspect they love to put theme parks in ridiculously hot places to maximize their beverage profits.

    How were the roller coasters?

  2. Roller coasters were generally good. The only lowlight was a trip on the Rattler, an all-wooden roller coaster that just about pulled a neck muscle from all the ridiculous lateral movement.