Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mission Failed

So the Sick Ridiculous and the Sick Ridiculous concert last night did not happen. Lame.

In the end what happened was that they were unable to get confirmation from some or all of the bands before the date of the Local Artist Showcase and therefore they canceled it, but didn't really let us know or were unable to. We tried to get in touch with them in various ways, all of which failed, so we didn't actually find out this until like 7:45pm last night.

Anyway, if you went or thought about going and were disappointed by its cancellation, I am really sorry. We were disappointed too. The only thing I can say as a consolation is that we will be playing a real, live, actual, confirmed concert Saturday February 7th at the Smiling Moose (9pm, on the South Side). It's with two bands we like, Central Plains and Olympus Mons. If you come out, it would make us so happy!

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