Thursday, January 8, 2009

TV Voice-overs

I like to think that I'm pretty good at recognizing people by voice. While it's usually considered "uncool" for major actors in the US to act in commercials, it's become increasingly common for well-known actors to do voice-overs for commercials. (In fact, I think I read this somewhere, but now I forget where.) 

Anyway, recognizing celebrity voice-overs is one of my favorite games. Here are a few of my favorite recent ones. Note that I haven't confirmed any of these, but so confident in my voice recognition abilities that I will boldly state them as fact: 

Verizon, "Blackberry Storm" Commercial: Could it be? Jim from The Office?

Applebees: I'm pretty sure this one is John Corbett. I didn't know this guy's name, but I've seen him in some annoying romantic comedies.

Home Depot: Gene Hackman! No Doubt in my mind about this one.

Dominos, "Subway 2-to-1" Commercial: I'm pretty sure that the red-haired girl from That 70s Show is doing this one.

Dominos, "You've Got 30 Minutes" Commercial: This one is done by Mike & Mike from the ESPN radio show. Actually, these guys are in all kinds of advertisements. They don't think it's uncool apparently.

You guys have any to share?

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