Sunday, April 12, 2009

Waffle Shop! Waffle Shop!

Last night's show at the Waffle Shop went really well! Thanks to those of you who made it out, we hope you had a great time. And as always, no guilt to those of you who didn't make it. Our bylaws explicitly prohibit the guilt-tripping of our own friends!

Technically, the show went okay. We thought it sounded pretty good, and definitely better now that Tom has a new guitar with a built-in pickup. However nothing beats professionally managed sound, like that that we received at the Lava Lounge. When we're doing the sound ourselves, it kind of hard to tell about the overall volume, mix, etc.

But fun-wise, the show was great. I think the Waffle Shop is a great place to play, we got interviewed, we got to debut our own custom waffle, Twix Ridiculous and the Sick Bisquik-ulous, a waffle with baked-in Twix candy bars, and there was a great turn-out. I think this may have been the most people they ever had at the Waffle Shop, based on the way that the people working there were taking pictures. Actually, that would make plenty of sense since normally people won't come in if all the tables are occupied (they were) but they will come in if there is a band playing, even if there is no more available room (they did)!

Pretty soon we should have some pictures up, and a little bit later we may even have a link to our interview. You see the Waffle Shop is some kind of reality TV show on the Internet, and as part of our performance there was a bandatory interview. WAFFLE SHOP!

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