Thursday, February 23, 2006

Eclipse & LaTeX, together forever

Ah! I just found this sweet Eclipse plugin:
that lets you use Eclipse for editing LaTeX documents. In addition to syntax highlighting, which was all I was actually looking for, it builds and checks for errors continuously (much like the Eclipse Java IDE) and does other neat stuff like tag completion.
I am this much closer to dumping Emacs forever. That's a CTRL-X CTRL-C in your language Mr. Emacs.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today:Today was overall an excellent day. ...

Today was overall an excellent day.

  • My advisor meeting went pretty well. He seems to actually be excited by what I am doing, and that's always good if you're trying to not get kicked out.

  • I went to the dentist. I don't enjoy the dentist per say, but I enjoy the after dentist time when your teeth are looking their finest and you're all doped up on novacane so you can touch your lip and it feels like someone else's skin... It give me an immense joy...

  • Right now I'm just working on homework, which isn't too bad, and I don't have too much of it.

Sure, that's not too much, but I am easily amused I guess.

Grand Buffet:
One of my favorite bands and the moment and for the past 3 years has been Grand Buffet. I saw them in L.A. once opening for Weslie Willis (post-irony gone wrong) and the a couple more times afterwards. But it turns out that they are actually from Pittsburgh. So now I've seen them here twice already, once this past Friday at the Pitt student Union. And if I may say, they rocked the lights out. Grand Buffet is basically a hip-hop group. A lot of what they do happens to be funny, especially at the live shows, but I really believe that musically they are like one of the best rap groups around right now. Grape-A-Don, the red headed guy who does most of the raps, has serious flow, like I'm not even kidding. And they come up with some strange, driving, groovy kinds of beats. At this last show they did this song that sampled "Dirty Laundry" by either Don Henley solo or the Eagles, and it was very nice. They dedicated it to 'the other guy who sings and plays the drums' and then went on to proclaim that Don Henley wasn't fit to wash Phil Collins' underwear.
I went with K-Dog, and it was hard to get a read on whether or not he liked it, but at least he was a good sport. I invited a bunch of other people, none of whom came, and then decided afterwards that it was probably a good thing.
Anyway, here's the poster, I ripped it off a telephone pole.

Belle and Sebastian:
I just read in the Burgh city paper that Belle and Sebastian have a new full lengh album, The Life Pursuit. It goes on to say that, unfortunately for B&S's hardcore fans, the band will be continuing where Dear Catastophe Waitress left off, higher production values, bigger sound, etc. Can I say that this is awesome news? I love almost every CD of theirs that I own, but Dear Catastrophe Waitress was just incredible, song-wise and sound-wise, and I'm glad to hear that their pushing on and not giving in to the criticisms.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shamrocks and Shananagans

Top Mardi Gras Songs:
Mardi Gras is coming up. So without further ado, I present the top three Mardi Gras songs of all time.

  1. Professor Longhair - Go to the Mardi Gras: It's just not mardi gras without this beast of rhythm and blues. Plus it's got whistling, which pushes it into the top spot.

  2. Stop, Inc - Second Line Part 1: This one's definitely not as popular, but I'm thinking it should be. It's got a maching band style syncopation that is out of this world.

  3. Rebirth Brass Band - Do Whacha Wanna: This is the trumpet line, played by every single band in every single parade, and it never gets old.

You can now hold your own authentic MG party.

Making bannana nut:
Lemme know if you want some.

Here today, gone today

Well I just created an account so that I could post on someone else's (jcreed) journal.
But this looks pretty cool, way nicer than the Blogger which was the only other software of this type that I have ever used.
Of my two attempts at beginning an online journal lifestyle, neither lasted more than like 3 months.
But the third time's the charm...