Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Shamrocks and Shananagans

Top Mardi Gras Songs:
Mardi Gras is coming up. So without further ado, I present the top three Mardi Gras songs of all time.

  1. Professor Longhair - Go to the Mardi Gras: It's just not mardi gras without this beast of rhythm and blues. Plus it's got whistling, which pushes it into the top spot.

  2. Stop, Inc - Second Line Part 1: This one's definitely not as popular, but I'm thinking it should be. It's got a maching band style syncopation that is out of this world.

  3. Rebirth Brass Band - Do Whacha Wanna: This is the trumpet line, played by every single band in every single parade, and it never gets old.

You can now hold your own authentic MG party.

Making bannana nut:
Lemme know if you want some.

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