Sunday, December 10, 2006

In Which I Lament (first private entry evar!!1!)

(Sorry, I know I don't usually do these "friends-only" entries, but then again I usually don't say anything that I care if people I don't know hear about either.)

Anyway, I am feeling pretty lame right now because I haven't been able to get in touch with this girl. Here's the story morning glory:
On Wednesday night, during an excellent time at the Squirrel Cage, I sat down and talked with this super awesome girl. We talked for a while and had a good time. Finally when some more of her friends came over, I left and later on bought the drinks for their entire table (not sure where that one came from, but I was in a good mood). Anyway, after much prodding from my friends at the table, I went over and got her number, and she was really enthusiastic, it seemed, that we might hang out the next day. Well the next day came, and I called got no answer, left a message. Today the same thing. Now (and this may be the part in the story where you see that I am deluding myself) I am getting the sneaking suspicion that I took down her number incorrectly! Here is the quasi-evidence:
  1. When I call the number, there is nothing in the message indicating that it is her or even a girl's phone. Just the standard robotic voice, "You have reached 412..."
  2. We didn't do the standard, "Let me call you right now so that you have mine too," nor did we do any kind of confirmation that I was taking down the right number. I even had a premonition at the time that it would suck if I didn't get her number correcly.
  3. She seemed a little too enthusiastic to have given me a bogus number, but of course that is hard to read. (And come on, who even does that? Just say 'no' when someone asks for your number!)
Anyway, the other obvious choice is just that she's getting the messages and she doesn't want to hang out. This is an possibility that I can handle. In fact, this would even be better for me that just taking down the wrong number, because at least then I wouldn't have to go through the bullshit of wondering, "what if she thinks I am being an asshole and not calling." The other thing that sucks is that if I ever see her again (a definite possibility in Pittsburgh) I don't know whether to act like, "Hey! I tried to call you I think I got the wrong number!" or if I should not talk to her at all because she blew me off. And of course she certainly won't want to talk to me if she thinks I blew her off!

Anyway, none of this would even be important if she hadn't been really nice/funny/cute etc, and we seemed to get along pretty well. I have briefly considered outlandish options like craigslist "missed connections" or scouring the Internets in hope of finding some record of her existence, but probably I will chalk this up as a lesson to Always make sure you got the correct number!

Okay, end lament session.


  1. Hmm ... I would definitely suggest trying a missed connections ... I imagine if she's at the Cage she might be the type to read them (or her friends).

    Anyhow, if that seems to weird, I'd suggest you show up at the cage again next week or the next time you see her, say "hey, I tried to call you..." and be friendly. Better to assume a mixup rather than that she didn't want to talk to you, in case there really was a mixup and she did want to hang out with you. Ladies don't like jerks.

  2. p.s. "congrats" on the first private post evar!

  3. I don't have any advice, but if it brings you any peace of mind I will say that none of what you describe - even from her perspective - makes you seem like an asshole (your word not mine).

  4. "Missed connections" might work. I don't know. I have one friend who checks it religiously (a fact which I've used to play practical jokes on her with), so perhaps you can use "missed connections" as a tool for good (I've only used it for evil so far...).

    If you google around, there are "reverse 411" services that let you look up the name/address associated with a person's phone number. They all seem to be pay services, though. I've never had any reason to try them. So it's possible you could "buy" peace of mind. Not sure how much good it would do you, because at best you find out it is definitely her number (which would be disappointing) or it's registered to someone else (and then you don't really know).

    Hope things work out.

  5. Well that's a fortunate coincidence because I don't like being a jerk! Me and ladies will get along just fine. ;-)

  6. Thanks. Yeah it's weird but as I have been a little bit more outgoing in the past few years, I have found, as an unintended side-effect, that I am getting in to more of these weird situations where I end up feeling like I am doing something wrong. I guess that's just the price you pay for heavy living! ;-)