Monday, January 15, 2007

Same Old Saints?

Benson BoogieWell I guess it is about time I talk about the Saints' victory on Monday night.  I am still a little bit shell-shocked about the entire thing, but it was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I went to Cappy's, where a bunch of school, work, and other friends joined me for the excitement. It was good, because otherwise it would have been me and a bunch of Eagles fans.

The Saints played a strong game, leaning heavily on super-stud Deuce McAllister. He was amazing, and acted like the kind of running presence that the Saints haven't had in, well, forever. Very nice. Being a Saints fan means being a pessimist though; I always think one game at a time, and never think the game is over until there are three zeros on the clock. This game was no exception with roughly four minutes left in the game, up by only three points, the Saints were driving when Reggie Bush bobbled a backwards toss. The Eagles recovered, and nightmare scenarios began to flash through my head. Amazingly (and this is something the old Saints never could have pulled off) the Saints defense stepped it up. The Eagles went three-and-out, and bafflingly decided to punt with 3:30 or so left in the game. With Deuce in the backfield, the game was over from that point.

Next week, it's the Bears. It should be a blast, and I am hoping for another shakey Rex performance. Wish us luck. And to Mr. Benson; boogie down!

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