Sunday, December 9, 2007

That Movie 'Proof'

I know none of you guys may be wondering why I haven't been updating for a while. The answer is that I am trying to get stuff done for a paper deadline that occurs on December 19th. It's for a conference, the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming. The main tricky thing that I've been spending all my time on is this proof, see. I am trying to develop a baby programming language that doesn't allow you to violate certain atomicity properties. To show that you can't in fact write code that violates your own invariants, I have to do this proof of soundness, and basically it's been pretty slow going for me. I will say that I have learned a ton, but it's pretty nerve-wracking to do a proof that may not actually turn out to be true.

The only kind of lame part is that the 19th is like right before I go home, and the day after our department holiday party, so basically I won't have much time to hang out around here with the cool Pittsburgh people before I go home. Sad face.

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