Monday, April 7, 2008

SIGBOVIK 2008 Conference Report

Sunday afternoon was SIGBOVIK 2008! This year I had a great time wearing three different hats. As Guy Fantastic, I was the MC for the day, introducing the speakers and (more importantly) stalling with the dumb A/V equipment was giving them trouble. As Nels E. Beckman, I presented my work on Relentless Parallelism! You can read the full paper (both pages!) by going to my publications page, and you can see the slides from my talk here. I thought it went pretty well. Finally, as lead singer/lead guitarist of Sick Ridiculous and the Sick Ridiculous, I performed a rousing rendition of The Theme from SIGBOVIK along with Tom.

The highlights? Well Tom's Tom VII Entertainment System Hero, was pretty rad, although right at the moment when he was to give his presentation things stopped working. He made a parody version of the Guitar Hero games that takes his MIDI files and converts them into a musical score that can then be played just like in Guitar Hero. And because the XBOX 360 GH controller is USB, you can really play the game!

Otherwise, the phrase "The Majestic Stopcock" sticks out. I'll be laughing about that one for a while.


  1. hi nels! nice performance! you should make me your internet friend!

  2. Thanks Chris!

    It's official, we are now Internet Pen Pals!

  3. Thanks! I was glad to see that you could make it to SIGBOVIK 2008. Next year maybe you'll have to present a paper? ;-)

  4. Man maybe "parody" is not the right word, but thank you for the props. I can't believe that shit didn't work. Downloadable version soonish...

  5. Also as I mentioned your talk was hilarious, just as last year.