Saturday, October 4, 2008

Room mates? Apartments for Rent?

Hey guys. I am looking for your help. I need one of the following:

Roommates! Are you or cool people you know currently looking for a place to live? Preferably starting January 1, but many arrangements could be made. My landlord/friend Chris is extremely flexible, but he is moving so he is looking to replace himself and one of our outgoing roommates.

- or -

An Apartment! If that whole above thing doesn't work out, I will be looking for an apartment starting January 1. I would really love to keep living in Shadyside, so I would be looking for a place to live, and I would certainly appreciate living with you or your cool friends.

Let me know here or via email, and I can give you the full details about either the apartment or what I am looking for in an apartment!

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