Sunday, December 21, 2008


I'm in New Orleans for the holidays! I'll be back to Hittsburgh right before New Year's, and looking for something to do, but for now, I am taking it super, super easy. TV? Yes. Food? Yes. Book? Possibly.

In Hillary Clinton news, I can't really understand why a U.S. Senator would want to be the Secretary of State. It just doesn't seem like much of an upgrade to me. I mean being a senator in this country is more or less a life-long position, unless you really screw it up. It seems unlikely now, but it's always possible that she could be looking for a new job in four years, or even less. Moreover, a senator has actual, constitutionally-granted legal powers. Hmm...

In more political news, Good Ole' Louisiana became the first state to elect a Vietnamese-American to congress! Take that, so-called progressive states.

Okay, so I know I'm an idiot. The link I posted lead to William Jefferson, who is a representative, not a senator. For examples of senators who "really screwed it up," how about this guy? or perhaps you perfer him?

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