Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just one last reminder: If you're making weekend plans, you might want to include Satuday night at the Smiling Moose, on Carson Street. Sick Ridiculous is in fact having their first gig.  

Last night Tom and I did a little bit of flyering. It was really cold, so I can't say that it was extremely fun, but considering that it was only three days before our gig and we hadn't really put up any flyers at all, we felt we had to do it. Big props to places like the Beehive and Starbucks who actually let you put up posters. I was actually a little nervous while doing this because of the time in college when Rand and I got busted by a cop for putting up flyers.

There's also been a last minute change to the line-up. The band Olympus Mons will no longer be playing with us on Saturday, and instead we'll be joined by Pittsburgh's own Big Hurry. This is actually pretty rad since I have seen Big Hurry now like two or three times and enjoyed it. They are like some indie disco rock type of music. Bummer about Olympus Mons though. Their music sounds pretty rad.


  1. Hell yeah buddy.

    We actually went to the Smiling Moose last night, although I didn't get much of a feel for what it's like inside. Seems like there is a bar in the front and then the stage is in the back? There may be an upstairs too because the web site specifically notes that we are playing on the first floor.


    Downstairs, the bar is in the front and the stage is in the back. I've been in there for a bit while there was a rock act going on before.

    There IS an upstairs. Coincidentally, on Saturdays it is a SUPER SECRET 80s dance party DJed by the old Upstage DJs.

  3. Whoa rad. Does that mean we can go after the concert?

  4. totally cool. i will be there.

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see you there. I think it should be a lot of fun.

  6. Its my last weekend in the Burgh too, so i indeed hope for lots of fun before i leave.

  7. Oh man! How sad! At least for us!

    Yes, we will have extra fun then.