Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girl Talk!

Last night I saw Girl Talk in concert and had a great time! The concert was held at the Station Square amphitheater which is conveniently right next to Sation Square, but which has these amazing views of downtown, since it's right across the Mon. The scenery was definitely amazing, since we got there at about 7:15, and watched the city slowly get darker as the sun went down.

There were at least four good bands: Grand Buffet was tight as always. I liked seeing this band Donora, who had this Shhh! indie rock chick thing going. Then there was Wiz Khalifa, a more serious rapper, who was pretty good and had at least one song I already knew ("Say Yeah") from Girl Talk.

And of course there was Girl Talk. I really do love Girl Talk. He has achieved something that is really way beyond any other mashup artist which is, I guess, to make me actually like a mashup artist. Many of his songs, while maybe not better than the original, certainly have more energy. He has a pretty standard formula of Rap + Pop Hook, but the songs really come at you pretty fast & furious. I think he probably does a better job at picking the backing songs than many rappers themselves do. Maybe he should be a producer? Here's one example of that.

The concert itself was definitely fun. Dancing was the order of the day, and despite the fact that this was a big outdoor music festival, people were really dancing and having a good time. The vibe was like 90% positive I would say. If I had one complaint I guess I would say that his songs tend to drag just a bit more live than they do on the albums, but I figure that's because he's doing a little bit more in person and therefore needs more time to think. Anyway, highly recommend


  1. I first saw Donora when they opened for The Ting Tings. Then about a month and a half ago at Mr Smalls, and last week they opened for the Gin Blossoms on Walnut Street. Good act.

  2. Word up. I would see them again.

    PS: The Ting Tings has that song, "That's not my name," right? That's a good song right there.