Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Orleans Saints Win the NFL Superbowl

I am writing this now because I want to remember this moment. Tonight the Saints won the Superbowl. It was awesome. Here's what I remember:
  • Every single pundit picking the Colts. That's okay, I don't hold it against them. But this is just for future reference. In the NFL, especially in the playoffs, you never know what is going to happen.
  • What do you even say about the on-sides kick to start the half? Awesome. In fact, Sean Payton was back with the more aggressive calling that we expect from him, and that we sort of missed in the last game.
  • Blitzing! As in, we didn't do nearly as much as last game. This turned out to be a great strategy. I thought we blitzed a little too much last game, so this game was perfect. Standard defense until the fourth quarter when we threw in some new ones. (We did run some 3/4 though.)
  • The Colts started off hot, but from the second quarter on the Saints look great, like the regular season Saints!
  • When Porter made the interception, I went buck wild. Amazing. Same reaction as the Favre interception * 100.
  • Wish I were in New Orleans, getting wild with those bonkers Saints fans. Insane.
Dream big kids. One day it could happen to you.


  1. Happy for you. It was good to watch a Super Bowl game where you can say with confidence which team played better and not having it left up to the refs' calls.

  2. Yeah, definitely. I really feel like the Saints earned that game, rather than just the other team losing it. Actually the refs were really not calling much and I think that was because the game was played pretty clean. WHODAT?!