Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Joke

On Thursday night I saw the movie "Sleepwalk with Me." It's a pretty funny movie about the life of a stand-up comic. You should see it.

Anyway, this stand-up comic, like many, is constantly writing down joke ideas on little scraps of paper. Over time they refine the idea into a joke, which they practice at small venues and over time make the jokes a part of their overall material (or sometimes, the material for a particular tour).

Anyway, I'm no comic, but I love this idea. This morning I had a joke idea. So here it is:

Begin Joke Sequence
"About six months ago I found out that my bank was going to start charging me a bunch of extra fees. I had already been pretty fed up with this bank, so this was the last straw. I took out all my money and transfered it to a different account. Cleaned the account out to $0. Funny thing was, I had a decent amount of money there, so a couple of weeks later, the bank issues the statement, and I earned some interest, so now I have like $3.50 in my account. Like I said, I hate this bank, and I'm not going to let them have any of my money, so I took that money out too. Next month the same thing happens, because I earned some interest on the previous interest. This time it's like half a cent, but I don't care, I still want my half a cent you know? So I take it out. Now this goes on for months and months, eat time the money I earn in interest on the previous interest gets smaller and smaller. Until one month I get a job. But by the time I have a job, I just give up on the whole thing. Now that I'm making money, I just can't get myself to care about .000000009 cents, you know?"

Okay, well that's the joke. It was probably funnier when I was half asleep. 

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