Monday, December 11, 2006

After yesterday's post...

After my long entry yesterday, I think it may have been wishful thinking. I was able to use this reverse-lookup thing to see whose number it was, and while it wasn't in her name, it was registered to someone with the same last name. This, naturally, makes me lean towards the "She just didn't want to call me back" side of things, which is fair enough. I guess in the future I will have more confidence in my number-typing abilities and less confidence in my woman-chatting abilities...  Hey come on, I kid! I kid!

Enough with the self-pity! Back to talking about "My Name is Earl" and Pittsburgh's night life.

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  1. This is unrelated to your post, but it just struck me that I'd like to have my own Tag. So, if you can please create a "Suz" tag and use it often, I'd appreciate it.