Saturday, December 9, 2006

Somebody's in this Torso

For some reason I was in kind of a sour mood last night. I can never predict these things, but when I am it's usually probably better that I not hang around other people.

But anyway, last night I was hanging around people, and while I didn't really get into any arguments with anyone or anything like that, I was pretty quiet the whole night. We went to get Thai food with KDog and his friend from Germany, along with some other kids from my department. Later on I ended up at the Brillobox, and thanks again to my sour mood, I basically just watched "The Shinning," which was showing on their big HDTV. There was no sound, but being as I have never actually seen it before and you can kinda figure out exactly what's going on by the images, I actually really enjoyed it.

After that, they started showing, "The Best of Andre the Giant," and it became pretty clear that I was just going to keep watching and not talk to anyone...

Today, I've got a long day of ML hacking. Hopefully that will make me feel special and alive.


  1. I hope you're feeling better -- did work help? I find it oddly disturbing that work can improve my mood.

  2. Yeah I felt better today, but ask me why and I have no idea... weird.