Thursday, December 14, 2006

Winding it down...

In general, my mood is inversely preportional to the amount of C code that I have to write in a given day. This means that right now, I am in a bad mood, since I am working on my final projects for HOT Compilation (yes, that's the name of the class) and one of them is writing a garbage collector in C. Actually, it's not really all that bad. The algorithm is conceptually pretty simple, it's just the levels of indirection in C that always confuse me. I am always having to stare at expressions like
int** theadp
and think really hard about whether what I need is a pointer or a pointer to a pointer. Anyway, I have gone back to working on my paper, the deadline for which is tomorrow. Make sure to watch The Office tonight. It's an hour long one, and it's about the Christmas party so it should be a good one!

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