Friday, March 2, 2007

Rum Jungle

I just realized that my rum party is on the first day of CMU spring break.

I'm an idiot...


  1. More rum for me. :D. Know where I can find an appropriately pirate-y hat? Yarrg!

  2. Concerns:

    #1 Does this mean there will be fewer boys upon whom I can develop a fruitless crush?

    #2 Does this suggest a possible change of plans, because I've already written this down in ink and ink is forever, Nels!

    #3 Also (and this is an anti-concern), like the previous babe said, I like what this means for the ratio of Rum:Suz.

  3. I'll still be there -- can't miss an opportunity to drink :-).

  4. Don't worry, the party is still on.

    I had just gotten a couple of people already telling me that they would be out of town, and I started putting two and two together...

  5. I'm not a babe, so you are welcome to develop a crush of as yet undetermined fruit-bearing capability upon my soon to be rum smashed self (I'm not particularly easy on the eyes, so a high RUM:suz ratio may be necessary to facilitate this process). Yarrrg!

  6. Oooh, I like the way you think! I see a bright future ahead.

    Also, I believe the red panda threw me off on the whole "babe" thing. Sorry! Damn me and my long-held, socially-constructed views on gender and pandas!

  7. Excellent! I look forward to a long history of inebriation, future durnk buddy.

    The cuteness of red pandas defies all pre-conceived notions instilled by society, gender, or genetics. Your hedge-hoggy thing isn't too shabby, either!