Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wordly Beats

I picked sort of a strange night to not drink. You see I am trying to scale my enjoyment back to no more than two nights a week. Well on Thursday I had a great time with an assortment of beautiful people at the Harris Grill, and last night I had my fill of going away parties (shout-outs to ), so that meant tonight was a dry one.

So we went to the World Beat thing at Ava lounge (that's in ELib). Normally I'd be drinking and dancing and having a good time. But while I tried to give dancing a chance, I really just wasn't feeling it tonight. This was partially due to my temperance, partially due to the relatively small crowd and partially due to the a general sadness from the previous night's events.

With the two going-away parties, I've been getting a little worried. I'm starting to think that the whole time I'm here it's just going to be people leaving, one after the next. I had heard this before from some other friends, but I was kinda hoping that it would never happen to me... Is there just going to be a steady stream of good-byes, until I leave, playing the same role for someone else? Thinking about it makes me depressed.

Well upon re-reading this, it makes me seem a little bitter. I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I am extremely happy for those people graduating and leaving, going on to do the things that make them happy. This is just a larger symptom of my general belief that everyone I've ever known ought to live in the same city that I do. Maybe if things were a little different in Pittsburgh, if there were more work opportunities, leaving wouldn't be the obvious conclusion that it seems to be.


  1. Don't worry, the number of folks that leaves isn't steady, but seems to come in spurts. This year is tough for me, mostly because there seems to be another cohort leaving.

    One thing that makes up for cool peeps going is new peeps coming in, and even if folks move away, you'll still have those friends for life (or at least the next five years). My social group has turned over a number of times since I've been here (like, I've only known Gabe/Alvin for 3 years, but it seems much longer) and it's been a very natural, organic process.

  2. Yeah, that's good to hear.

    Actually if there's one thing I have to say about grad school, it's that I am constantly doing new things. Meeting new people, working on new projects, having new summer jobs, etc. It's hard to get bored here.

  3. I hear ya. I don't know how a world with 6 and a half billion people can feel so lonely, but it does sometimes. I agree with Peppered though -- I think it comes in bursts and spring seems to be the worst. But you are going to India!

    I haven't left yet, but i predict it will be like high school and undergrad. We lose touch with our aquaintances, and we miss 'em real bad, but our closest friends become our family. Like you said yourself -- these are the people where you don't have to talk every day or even every week, but you know they would jump on a plane and fly across the country for you if you asked.

    Also I think the internet helps a ton. We've been talking, too, about collecting folks in one city and building an intentional community. just think -- to live with our friends forever! Built in support network, fewer resources required, and automatic babysitters. I'm very fond of the idea....

  4. I too like this idea of yours. Although hopefully it won't go the dark route, a la M. Knight Shamalamalamalon's "The Village."

    I think the constant working is what makes it harder. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is passing by while you're in your office working on who knows what...