Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The System is Down

It's official: My computer at school has a bad hard-drive. Here is the diagnosis:

From all indications the disk on GSXXX.SP...has failed; disk diagnostics is turning up numerous bad sectors. We may have another 160GB SATA drive available in house...if not I'll order one.

Anyway, I don't think there was anything critical on there, mostly because I use CVS to store the most important stuff, and the IT department does nightly backups of that machine. However, that was the only computer I have that can build this simulator that I am working on for my research project, so for the past week I've just been writing code without seeing if it actually works (a generally bad idea).

Eh, I guess it could've been worse, but it's just a little annoying considering how busy things are right now.


  1. Yours is around the fourth or fifth machine failure from people our year I've heard of (including me). Dell is shoddy.

  2. Seriously... not to mention the fact that Fedora Core 3, which they installed by default our year, is wack to the max.