Friday, October 24, 2008

Return to the 'Burgh, Wedding

I am back! I feel like I've been gone forever, when really I was just out for a week. I hate to blog dump, but I did a ton of stuff last week, and because I had no computer, I'm going to have to post on all of it today! Don't worry, I'll keep it short and break it down for you guys.

Last Thursday I went to New Orleans for my sister's wedding. It was really an amazing time and an amazing wedding. There were a lot of friends and family from out of town, and I did do a lot of meeting/greeting while I was there. But mostly it was just fun. The rehearsal dinner was great. It was at Antoine's, so the food was fantastic, and there were tons of people there, mostly his family from Tennessee. (My extended family is actually pretty small.) It was so big, it felt like it could have been the wedding reception!

The next day, the wedding was really nice. The church was packed. The wedding party was big. I think there were about 15 groomsmen and 15 bridemaids. There was a little SNAFU where someone in a wheelchair got stuck on the access lift at the church, and we started a bit late, but other than that, everything went off without a hitch. The reception was at the art museum, and it was really nice to be able to sit down in the gallery right next to the artwork. The band was also very cool, and the night ended with an official "second-line" dance party.

All and all, definitely the way to go. Congratulations to my sister and Chip! I am so happy for them!

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