Tuesday, October 7, 2008

While the Tom is Away, the Nels Will Play

Tom is out of town. So, acting in a completely unauthorized manner, I posted some songs that we recently recorded, for free, on last.fm. You can hear "Custom Party Music," which is what I'm calling the collection of all the songs that we wrote for a specific occasion, and you can download all of the songs.

Highlights include, "Birthday Control," and "Unfairbanks," which is about the sad economic state in which we find our country and my friend George Fairbanks leaving Pittsburgh. "Sick Day," isn't really custom party music, and in fact is just a demo.


  1. hereby: authorized!

  2. Sweet Internet Tom. I love acting with legitimate authority.

  3. Man, it crashed my phone three times trying to post that, so I'm glad it's appreciated.